Millennium Post

The firsts....

The firsts....
The first of everything is extra special. The first salary, the first date, the first touch, the first child, the first vehicle. The firsts are always precious. As we begin the journey of 2016 and today being the first Sunday, why not try and make every moment as special as the ‘first’. New year helps weave new dreams and here is my attempt to help you arrange life in a more fulfilling way.

Dreams and goals: We all have dreams. What is life without dreams to chase. Yet, we sometimes land up hurting ourselves as dreams look too far away. This time, let’s set realistic dreams. Targets that are probably easier to achieve. Small destinations can also lead to horizons of happiness. Goals are to be set and  achieved. So, list your dreams and set dates against it. Once it’s done, that becomes the goal to chase and conquer.

Spending time with our own world: Smart phones and internet connect us yet unknowingly disconnects us from our world of loved ones. Do keep the gadgets away and spend quality time chatting to each other. Life is beautiful when we actually laugh out loud with our loved ones. LOL can never replace the joy of laughing together. Dividing ‘me time’ and ‘we time’ and maintaining a balance is definitely worth the effort. 

Focussing on those that mattered: Often we grow out of people those who helped us grow in life. Teachers, relatives, neighbours or those friends who helped us evolve as better souls. It’s time to look back and value those whose contribution remains priceless. Staying in touch with those that mattered can never get wasted. Blessings are the best gift one can accrue.

Learning to love yourself first: Love all yet love thyself first. One who cannot love himself will never be capable enough to love others. Being selfish isn’t recommended at all yet it is important to respect one’s own self before we start loving all around.

Life and it’s journey has to be lived completely. This year let us try and live every moment like there is no tomorrow.  The most unpredictable thing of life is life itself. Make merry, travel, love, laugh, live and let live. May the new year keep you happier. 

Happiness is the only thing that matters. Spread it and see the magic it casts on you.

Happy 2016 and beyond.

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