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The Dosa I had always imagined

 Jean Chikwama |  2015-11-08 19:54:06.0  |  New Delhi

The Dosa I had always imagined

On 24 August, 2013, boarding time 12 pm gate 4 Kenyan Airways, seat No. 41F at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, I took off from Zambia. Arrived in Kenya 15 hours late upon waiting for my flight to Mumbai. Two men sat near me using a language I could badly understand. Rushed to the wash room. They followed had my passport I had dropped. They gave me back with a sweet. Boarding gate closed twenty five minutes prior to my departure. Police were everywhere and my bag was opened. The security began to asking questions why my passport had exception from police reporting. I told that I am a Government Worker, Environmental Health Technologist from Zambia. My Lady Gaga Spray was thrown away. I wondered what kind of security was this?

Boarding time, couldn’t see any African man. Indian men with turbans, ladies in sarees kept looking at me because of the saree I wore. Food served was spicy and chilly. An American guy came and sat next to me asked  questions. Why was I going to Chennai and I never answered him because he was a stranger. I arrived in the morning at Chennai. Tears fell from my eyes. It was hot 40 degrees and I could not imagine the crowds. I didn’t know where to go. Two men were holding a white paper with my name on it. On my way to my final destination I saw small cars called auto, bikes hooting. All I could say was god Please take me back to Africa. Dinner time spicy food again. Next morning I went to Marina Beach and saw the beautiful Indian Ocean. Running into the water with my swimming outfit, two men came and told that we don’t allow swimming in this dress, where they Indian ladies were swimming in  their clothes. The Temperature was 35 degrees, I ate fish and finally the dosa that was so long served with green leaves of green bananas, I didn’t even know how to hold it, but it was so tasty.

The following day, I went to Anna University and Pariyermanamai, I taught the students on climate change. I planted a tree named Jean for remembrance. My experience in Chennai was the best one could ever imagine. I really enjoyed the Dosa in Chennai.

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