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The disciplinarian

Barely a fortnight after being elected, the strict Prime Minister had hauled up bureaucrats, known for their ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude and habitual late-coming. The diktat was clear: inaptitude was out. As expected, a lot of bureaucrats scurried to save their skin from the piercing glare of the new PM and started falling in line. But if they thought, that by making them come to work on time the PM was finished weilding the proverbial stick, they were  wrong. This time, even their bosses are in the line of fire.

Modi, who is known for his ‘no nonsense’ demeanour, has indeed come down heavily on the persistent requests from ministers who have been rallying from pillar to post to get their foreign junkets approved.  By making it mandatory for ministers and bureaucrats to submit proposals for foreign tours to no one else other than him, the PM has displayed an exemplary form of dynamism,  and a much-needed bat for public accountability, something not been seen in the Indian political circles for a long time now. Gone are the days, when ministers along with their entourages ‘holidayed’ like a Maharajah on the public exchequer’s expense. From now, however, they will be required to furnish details and obtain approval before any such misadventure. 

Call it fear of the master or fear of the leash, Indian politicians were in dire need of it. Perhaps, each of them should learn a thing or two from the PM himself who has set example by not belittling nations by the dint of their sizes. In fact, his first ever foreign visit to Bhutan had strategic connotations.  Thus, it is indeed a very strongly worded order to either stop wasting the taxpayer’s money or bear the brunt of your actions. It seems that the disciplinarian-in-chief will make you accept your follies. The alert has indeed been sounded!
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