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The desi Agent Vinod

When you call a film Bullet Raja and get the people to buy tickets and come watch it - it is their stupidity if they walk in expecting sense. And well, as Bollywood has well established, not making sense actually can get you crores at the box office.

I recall Tigmanshu Dhulia coming across to a colleague as 'too full of himself' when he tried to get a word with the director during Paan Singh Tomar promotions. From Paan Singh Tomar to Bullet Raja - I have to admit I am a little bit disappointed. But minus the comparisons - Bullet Raja entertains in the nonsensical way - not the way I expected Dhulia to entertain. My bad.

Raja Mishra (Saif Ali Khan) is a gangster with a heart of gold. He struts in style, mouths some insane dialogues and wears his heart on his sleeves. Forced to pick up the gun due to a series of unfortunate events Raja finds a friend in Rudra (Jimmy Shergill) while gate crashing a wedding (how perfect is Bollywood!). And while he must take on political strongman (Raj Babbar) who initially uses Raja but ultimately wants to bump him off, he also manages to find time between stunts to fall in love with a good Bengali girl (Sonakshi Sinha).

On an aside, we must add that Sonakshi Sinha exactly isn't the quintessential Bengali girl. She just isn't. She didn't look it in
and she doesn't look it here. Yes, she looks great, except the hideous red dress in Tamanche pe Disco, but am sorry Dhulia, she doesn't look Bengali.

And then there is Vidyut Jamwal who looks delectable doing his stunts and a Ravi Kishan who has a very interesting but a hardly explored role, Dhulia plays unfair here. Saif seems to be playing the lesser, village-bumpkin type cousin of Agent Vinod - but then we have loved Langda Tyagi and Raja Mishra is kinda fun.

Bullet Raja is predictable. But you can excuse it because it is fun. And while you are excusing this - also excuse the songs - they are quite bad. And we are really wondering what Mahie Gill is doing there. However, we were blown away by Shergill and Jamwal (not just his great body) - they seem to have more screen presence than the rest of the cast put together at times!

Ok, so now the questions - should you watch it? Sure! It is fun - we are going to take a neutral 2.5 on 5 for Bullet Raja for it lacks the punch of Dabangg. If I want a desi hero I shall pick Surya (Boss) or Chulbul Pandey over Raja Mishra, any day. True story.
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