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The day my husband hit me!

The day my  husband hit me!
My fiancé is always suspicious and jealous. I have no reason to justify his constant irritation. How can I deal with his jealousy? I think I will break up eventually.
Ankita, New Delhi
While everyone gets jealous or suspicious from time to time, experiencing jealousy on a daily basis can be problematic. Not only is jealousy unpleasant to experience, but individuals, who are chronically jealous or suspicious, often misinterpret what is going on – taking what might be an innocent event and thinking about it in the worst way possible. Jumping to such conclusions can drive people crazy and it often fuels their suspicion more. Negative thoughts, doubts, and insecurities often lead to more negative thoughts, doubts, and insecurities. Not only do highly jealous individuals drive themselves crazy, they often drive their partners crazy as well.  Being around a suspicious person is difficult to deal with. No one likes to have everything that happens turned into a negative event.

Moreover, being with a jealous person is difficult because highly suspicious partners can be overly controlling, needy, and invasive. As such, it is not uncommon for people who date highly suspicious individuals to pull away from their partners because of all the problems that it causes. So, please think and rethink and continue your life with your fiancé. It is your life and the final decision is yours.

I broke up with my partner three years back. But, off late I get a feeling she will come back. She is seeing another guy since the last one year! I’m feeling low, down and helpless. What to do?
Deepak, Gurgaon

First and foremost, decide with your heart, soul and spirit if you really love this person. No amount of time will matter if the love you have for this person is real. The time since the break-up could be three years or more before you are back together but if you love her then it doesn’t matter. True love is not logical, it’s emotional. It’s not a feeling, it’s a choice. Secondly, you should also know if this person truly loves you. Sometimes it is best to cut your losses, but of course, only you truly know the answer to this question.

Even if your ex-partner is seeing someone else and it looks like their relationship is getting closer, do not be discouraged. It is time to accept this situation. More than likely, this new guy is a rebound for her. If you trust in your heart and soul that your ex has feelings for you based on the relationship you shared, then she does... really! You have to trust that the love that you gave her will prevail during this separation. I am a firm believer in fighting for love. It is the foundation of humanity and a cause that is worth attaining. Having said that, please know that it is never over until it is over. In closing, always know that any love worth having, is worth fighting for.
My dad is an abusive alcoholic and beats us up everyday! My mother is educated but has been always a housewife. I’m 16 and want to stop this forever. Can you suggest how?

Name unknown
I strongly believe domestic violence shouldn’t be tolerated! Don’t worry about your mom, she will be able to support you, and I am sure you have other family and friends that can help you overcome. She can do far better than having an abusive partner around. And if she does struggle, it’s better to accept help from friends and family than to live through hell everyday.

You can also inform the local police, seek some local legal help or social activists can also step in to provide support. Try to seek help from a trusted person close to your family.

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