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The cult of Shiva

The cult of Shiva
Roost Bistro at Hauz Khas held a musical event where singer, songwriter and composer Vinit R Rai, came up with his debut solo album Aaghorii, which has already been released on December 4 . Vinit is a Delhi based-independent artiste who has been into Indian Rock Circuit for over 6 years, best known for his contribution to Pune's very own Vedic Rock Band, Bhramm and Delhi's Rock n Roll Act - Psy 'O' Circle.

Aaghorii, as the name suggests the project revolves around beliefs of abandoned worshipers of Shiva and their dark practices. The music for Aaghorii is being designed by Vinit's close friend and Bhramm's lead guitarist Mrinal Thapa. The album is a fusion of Vedic/Folk/Semi Classical with a flavour of Hard Rock.

Aaghorii, one sacred and extraordinary cult have been found in India since many centuries, some call them flesh eaters, some call them Yogis or Sadhus. They posses power of subconscious mind which they earn by raising their Chakras and enlightening the kundalini. They are said to be dedicated acolytes of Lord Shiva.

As an artiste Vinit throws light on the life and approach of an Aaghorii, who gives up everything in order to attain Nirvana by worshiping Lord Shiva his whole life. Shiva being the master of all the arts in the universe is highly galvanized by every form of art, following the similar footsteps Vinit pays a tribute to the true lord by his album, Aaghorii.

Aaghorii is going to attract listeners of every age group. Alongside Vinit the project will witness some great compositions by Mrinal Thapa, lead guitarist of Bhramm, for whenever these two join hands, Vedic Rock flourishes to a whole new.
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