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The colours of winter

The colours of winter
The art show titled The Winter Tale is driven with the intention of displaying works by an array of renowned artists.

The amalgamated and showcased art by many renowned artists under one roof affirms aesthetic sensibility and celebrates the creative impulse that weaves colour and form into variegated manifestations of visual reality. Each of the works is selected after serious deliberation on the individual profile and work corpus of the respective young artist.

Colorful abstracts executed in vibrant colours by artist Gurdeep Singh emanates energy through the bold strokes and thick impasto technique. These art works takes you beyond the limitation of perceived physical ideas, forms and realities. Manu Parekh's The temple boat at the Banaras Ghats, scenery is expressed through prominent lines and forms which display a volatile energy that can barely be contained within the confined structural space.

Revati Sharma Singh's works shows the metamorphosis in thought process as an endless experience of life depicted in an amalgamation of her thoughts. The visual imagery of striking colours, bold strokes and the play of textures are stunning. Artist Shuvaprasana has an interesting mix of tradition and contemporaneous character in the all the works that includes portraiture, paintings, charcoals, drawings, etchings and sculptures. Thota Vaikuntam's works as always are close observation of the rural life is expressed through the detailed portraits of the Telangana people. Vaikuntam mainly prefers the primary colours and pure Indian hues like- reds and yellows. His beloved Telangana is beautifully portrayed through his paintings.

When: Till 31 January 2014
Where: Gallerie Nvya, saket
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