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The collage called life

The collage called life
When Haroon Khimani finished his studies and stepped into professional scene public response to art was limited. To make living as self employed painter as sculptor was hard so he was obliged to move into field of design to earn his livelihood. This took him to Dubai where he could establish himself, now more at peace, he came back to painting and has been for while working like a maniac. Sensibly enough he started where he left. His works are no factual records but recreation of his animation. For these he uses diverse media and visual devices and build with theses eye-catching tapestries.

Khimani is a graduate in painting from the faculty of Fine Arts, MS University of Baroda. During his academic career, he won several awards in exhibition for his drawings and paintings . He held four solo exhibition in different metro cities in India.

'There is an ethical side to nature which  borders between being and nothingnesses that inspires me the most. Creating a super sensual existence on canvas is an intense personal experience, but it has its parallel in higher nature. This comes close to being spiritual and is complete yet incomplete and to see this duality as one requires a vision of self fulfilment. My vision takes me beyond the three dimensional world. It is like sympathetic magic which I translate into colour, but a collage is used as an innovate plastic elements to achieve my own creative work,' says Khimani. At a time when large number of artists choose to see the world from a distance and comment on it with sarcasm and satire, Khimani does the opposite producing works that are visceral celebrations. The preamble should help us to find out where Khimani's works features in the moving scene. He was one of those artists of that time who responded to local visual fact but represented them in a generalized or near abstract image, avoiding descriptive details and focussing mainly on dramatic interplay to preserve a vestigial reference to the source. And these sources lay in the dynamic visuals of the urban scene, the crowded streets, the chaotic market place and various categories of pubic festival and fairs. Khimani's works were on display in the Capital recently at Lalit Kala Akademi. Inaugurated by Rajeev Lochan, the exhibition got a rousing response from art lovers in the Capital.
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