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The city goes ‘electronic’

The city goes ‘electronic’
Delhi is going to witness some cool electronic music this weekend. Courtesy Ma Faiza who is coming down all the way from London.

The singer grew up in London of the 80s and the pop music of the era influenced her style. ‘In the early 90s, a shift happened in the music industry which influenced all the listeners as well as the artistes,’ says Faiza. ‘The dance music of the early 90s influenced me and gave me something powerful to work on,’ she says.

So what’s on for Delhi? ‘I have created some new numbers for the performance in Delhi. There is going to be a mix of something that I have been playing for a while and something new. Also a stage performance relies on improvisation, but I am an artiste and not a DJ so my music is going to be an expression of myself,’ says Faiza.

'Music takes you places and the kind of energy and power a live performance demands takes the audience into a new world of experience. The tracks that I have set aside for the performance are super fast and will definitely uplift the mood of the crowd and give them something explosive and new,’ adds Faiza.

Though she has not been able to create new music because of the time constraints, Faiza says her audience will have something new to listen to. ‘I have played at Delhi before, so I know what the audience loves. People in Delhi don’t always go out for great music; they would go to a place because of the ambience or for the food. So in Delhi, it is always a mix of the best that gives the best result. As an artiste, I am likely to concentrate on good music but the audience should expect a great experience this Friday,’ adds Faiza.

‘Delhi has witnessed trance music and the audience is looking for new music and new avenues of expression. Electronic music is going to be fun and something that the audience would love,’ she says.


At: Blue Frog, Mehrauli
When: July 20
Time: 6 pm onwards
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