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The Bong business

The Bong business
The performers for this stand-up comedy show include Abijit Ganguly and Utsav Chakraborty.

Ganguly is a Bengali boy, born in Bangalore, raised in Delhi, amidst the deeply-influencing Punjabi culture, dating a Gujarati girl who lives in UP. Basically, he's Mr. India. Not as in capable of turning invisible or anything...But you know what we mean. He is popularly referred to the best looking Bengali man after Bappi Lahiri. Three years on and he`s been killing it telling his tales of marriageable age, alchoholism, racism, superheroes, beggars, dating a Gujarati girl, weight issues, media...and more. On special request, he does a lot of sex comedy (which is kind of ironical).

Chakraborty is a paradox. He is either the worst thing you`ve ever seen or the awfullest thing you`ve ever seen. There is no middle ground. Does he just do impressions? Is he an observational comedian? Is he a rant comedian? Is he a political comedian? Is he even a comedian? Is he even a person?

You think you know who Utsav Chakraborty is? Even Utsav Chakraborty doesn`t know who Utsav Chakraborty is! (Apart from being the person currently responsible for 80 percent of Delhi's weed consumption, which explains this vague write-up) So there. Who said Bengali's don't know how to laugh at themselves? Head over and find out!

WHEN: 14 March, 8 pm
WHERE: Askhara Theatre, Baba Kharak Singh Marg
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