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The artiste’s perspective

The artiste’s perspective
Art lovers in the Capital can head over to the exhibition titled Artchiving that features Gigi Scaria, Nandan Ghiya, Sonia Mehra Chawla, Sumakshi Singh and Sunoj D.

Project Artchiving; an artist’s perspective - is a project cum exhibit theorised by Ranjita Chaney Menezes. She has been working on this subject for almost a year before she decided to break the entire project into small series so that it becomes more operative and concentrated. This is about having an archive categorically of the artist’s practice and beliefs. Her concern is with the constant moving times where hardly anything has been put together in a compilation especially in the Indian context. There is enough information online, from all over the world, about well known artistes and even budding ones, but pintsize information is scattered all over the web which makes it difficult.
It is not about books or coffee table catalogues for artists, but purely an exchange of dialogues of the artist’s practice and influences in their journey.

They have witnessed finished works on display from every artist, interviewed them about their practice and thesis on their work style. Going back to the basic question every body is keen to have an answer to – ‘How is it done’, what’s the artist thinking when s/he is working on this piece and many more. Here as a curator Menezes is trying to collect imagery along with words and information describing not one single piece by them but a whole lot; or rather one should say their life.

She is trying to work towards presenting art and practice to a broad audience through its actual sources by documenting not artists’ works and ideas but their personal very private thoughts and naked studios which are not anymore polished or furbished for a curator/clients visit. As she noticed in her past experiences that viewer experiences difficulty knowing ‘where to begin’ to know about an artist deeply. Her interest is to bring a one to one talk and make our eminent list of artist available and accessible to everyone, to provide viewers with meaningful points of entry.

When: 18 Dec to 17 Jan
Where: Exhibit 320, F-320, Lado Sarai
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