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The art of silences and surfaces

The art of silences and surfaces
Sanghaneri paper, a traditionally made paper by people excelling in paper making, is a favorite pictorial surface for artist Gopa Trivedi. Though she has trained herself in various mediums, styles and techniques including cutting edge art, photography and digital art, she works, like a devoted traditional painter who is unaware of the market pulls, within the traditional painterly style using gouche, natural pigments, khadiya and Arabic gum as her preferred mediums.

She is existential in a contemporary sense as she searches for meanings in mundane things seen around her.

According to her, as the pagans believe, even the most inanimate objects have their own consciousness.

When the artistic consciousness tunes itself enough to grasp it this object consciousness takes the form of images, which she tries to translate in her painterly language.

Though Trivedi finds allegiance with the surging middle class, she chooses to keep herself away from the avarice of it. Instead of hunting for objects and the pleasures derived out of the opulence of consumable objects, her search is to locate the absences left by the objects that were present once around her.  Hence the floors, walls, window sills, stains, clothes etc., become the locations of these absences.  There are splits and schisms in the world view of the people and such hiatuses are represented in her works by the splitting of the very image itself.

Her exhibition, titled In pursuit of Silence, is on display in the Capital in the Art Konsult Gallery.  Trivedi says, 'My works deal with the portrayal of materialism of an ordinary middle class life. They are my attempts to, fabricate the nuances of longing which focus on past but do not seek the past and the patterns and the objects oscillate between longing and belonging. The works, majorly non- figurative, reflect the embodied response-able objects from a middle class household. The objects in my works become personification of relationships.'

Trivedi had done an internship in Rajasthan under miniature artist, Ajay Sharma in 2009. The medium and surface attracted her and ever since she has been experimenting with the miniature painterly techniques in her works rather than delving too much into the traditional miniature themes or contemporary themes expressed in a traditional miniature style.  On the contrary Trivedi makes use of her initiation into the miniature painting techniques in order to express her existential issues vis-à-vis her life in the fast changing contemporary world.

Exploring traces of life embedded in this material legacy of a middle class household the works are efforts of to create a relationship with objects in living spaces.

WHEN: On till 20 February
WHERE: Art Konsult Gallery, F-209, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai
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