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The Appetite of August

The Appetite of August
Head on for the August gourmet indulgence at The Imperial where Chef Veena Arora brings in yet another staple  menu with her creation ‘Noodle Symphony’ at The Spice Route, while exploring the popular specialties of Malaysia and Thailand.

The guests can sample the exclusive menu this  month, painstakingly put together to suite every palate. Noodles or vermicelli rice noodles are extremely light and can be prepared in multitude of ways. In Thailand, these ultra thin noodles are eaten for breakfast and are deliciously consumed with soups or eaten as a complete meal in the form of soups.

The menu offers six types of noodles including Chef’s secret  recipe called Chef’s Special - crispy por- pia skin noodles wok fried with pokchoy and soya sauce. Keeping novelty and variety in the menu, Chef Veena doesn’t cease to surprise with Kieow Tieow V-Seth- wok fried rice noodles with yellow curry paste and chicken, flavoured with garden fresh sweet basil, while the popular Malaysian recipe Mee Goreng- spicy yellow noodles with squid rings and prawns surely promise one a culinary haven.

Phad Khee Mao- wok fried Thai rice noodles with chilly and oyster sauce, puts together the unique texture of extremely thin noodles, specially created in Thailand and brought over for your indulgence! Truly rejuvenating, Indian Traditional drinks festival at Patiala Peg and The Atrium offers quirky concoctions featuring refreshing flavours to complement the season. Choose aam panna if tangy twisters are your favourites or go for a refreshing glass of lassi if the sultry season drains you.

The nimbu paani loved by all satiates you, even after a tiring day. Make the flavours burst in your mouth with the Thandai, leaving you asking for more.

When: On till 20 August
Where: The Imperial, Janpath

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