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It wasn’t very long ago that President Barrack Obama had expressed his concerns about open shootouts leading to many civilians killed in broad day light. This was primarily because of the licenses that the American Government had easily provided to civilians in the name of protection which had in turn been leading to the chaos within the country. If it were to be recalled, it was earlier in December last year that the President Barak Obama clearly expressed his views regarding this Gun Violence. 

The Congress itself looks quite clueless on how to deal with this rising problem on a regular basis. The problem though begins with  permission the Government has authorised to common people to possess guns. With similar such incidents happening time and again it is clear that the Government definitely doesn’t do a background check on the people possessing these weapons and hence, is easily available to the wrong sort. Statistics make things further alarming. It states that America has only 4.4 percent of the whole world population. However, more than half of its civilian population possess arms. The Government’s leniency is definitely the major cause of this chaos and it is hence something only they can solve.

To make things worse, as per the guidelines recently submitted at the University of Texas, Austin, students would now be allowed to carry their own gun; more specifically guns into their classrooms. However, the irony of the new bill states that their access to weapons is limited as they will not be allowed to carry their guns to their dorms. 

Though President of the University Greg Fenves expressed his reservations regarding the new rule, he also expressed that there wasn’t anything he could do about the same apart from following it. Fenves wrote a letter to the community expressing his concerns stating that, “As a Professor, I understand the deep concerns raised by so many. However, as President, I have an obligation to uphold the law”. There have been a number of rules set up in order to maintain the supposed law and order in the presence of guns amongst students. These include a compulsion for gun owners on campus to carry their firearms concealed, without a round in the chamber and in trigger-protecting holsters. 

Apart from this, arms are also not allowed in day care areas and labs in the presence of sensitive materials. Though these guidelines seem to be set, they seem far away from the possibility of any sort of law and order implementation.
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