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That Jazzy mood

That Jazzy mood
Keeping up with the spirit of music, International Jazz Day was marked with great live jazz performances that enthralled their audience and created a perfect night full of musical revelry at Ccoktail and Dreams Speakeasy on 30 April.

The evening marked the performances of Syncopation, Drift the Trio and Taka Trio. Syncopation, the Contemporary Jazz and Funk band has been playing since 2007. They play an eclectic mix of Modern Jazz blended with elements of funk, swing and bebop. The music is centred on soulful melodies with modern funky grooves leading into frenzied improvisations. Their repertoire consists of original music which projects the band’s attitude and approach to Jazz as the evolving art form it is. Their performances have been described as being soulful, energetic and inspired by the moment.

Drift is a contemporary jazz guitar trio from Delhi. The band has performed both, as a trio as well as a part of larger setups featuring vocalists, saxophonists and other instrumentalists from around the world. Led by drummer Reuben Narain, the band's music is an eclectic mix of modern music styles like Funk, RnB, Fusion etc. with the compositional vision and improvisational styles of jazz greats like John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Thelonious Monk and Pat Metheny.

Takatrio is an instrumental jazz trio that was started by Takar Nabam. All the three members connects them all is their taste for instrumental jazz and other styles of improvised music. The trio plays a mix of traditional jazz and some Latin jazz in a more modern context.
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