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That friendly familiar feeling

Decided. Unless it is Christopher Nolan or maybe Guy Ritchie (fine even Baz Luhrmann) I shall keep my stoic faith in Bollywood. For epic expectations aside, one thing is certain – the clichés in B’town will make you smile, laugh and cry with their familiarity if they cannot make you stand up and applaud. How can you possibly go wrong with the ‘million-times-tried-and-tested’?

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (YJHD) was one of the most awaited movies of 2013 and the lead actors went all over the place promoting the movie, playing up their ‘exes-can-be-friends’ card and talking incessantly about what to expect from the flick and what not to.

And let me tell you beforehand that if you step into the hall expecting something so out of the ordinary that it blows you off – you will be terribly disappointed. Go in expecting nothing, just some entertainment and you will walk out happier than your local madman. Trust me.

As the trailers made it (very) obvious – Naina (Deepika), Bunny (Ranbir), Avi (Aditya Roy Kapoor) and Aditi (Kalki) go for this cooler-than-thou trek to Manali that changes scholar Naina’s life forever. She learns to live, she learns to laugh and falls in love. She makes friends for a life time and then the story takes it’s predictable turn. Eight years go by and they are back again for a marriage. Clichéd but so pretty and perfect (Karan Johar being on the sets has to amount to something atleast!).

YJHD has everything right – the good looking people, great clothes, awesome locations, some heady songs and a really good background score. It also has the love and the friendship in the right dose. This is stock formula people, how can it possibly go wrong. And it also has Kunal Roy Kapoor in an adorable avatar.

You want friends like Avi and Aditi and you want to be Naina and fall in love with Bunny. All the desires to travel the world, chase your dreams, deal with disappointments, failed love stories and having to let go of the very person you love – been there, felt that. YJHD is just that – nothing more and nothing less. And perhaps that is exactly what makes it work and will make it work much better than the insipid last week at the box office. YJHD hits the spot and hits it right.

YJHD has some really nice scenes and you have to give it to Mukherji for that. He knows that he must deal in tinsel and floss and he has learned it well. I walked in expecting good entertainment and I wasn’t disappointed – and am sure nor will you. Sometimes clichés and a glowing Madhuri Dixit is a good thing. Really.
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