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Terrorism and Liberals

Terrorism is the biggest Ravana staring in the face of every Indian across the country but Indian pseudo-liberals, either romanticise the idea or speak for the sake of speaking without having any knowledge of what they speak or its implications. Their statements are sometimes used by the propagandists from the enemy country.

At times, they take sides for their own economic gain and cheap publicity. They, in various talk shows act as if they are the custodians of knowledge. 

They made a joke of themselves in the aftermath of the surgical strikes and while some of them called these strikes ‘fake’,  the others tried to justify Khoon Ki Dalali. These debates seemed to be divided between nationalists and liberals, each side counter-claimed the other and at times created anguish among the viewers.

Their intellectual capacities were exposed by their demand for proof of the surgical strikes as if they were sex scandals or corruption charges. 

They defended  anti-India sloganeering in JNU on the plea of freedom of expression, came out with candle light marches for Afzal Guru, beat their chests for Yakub Memon and Burhan Wani.

They protect Pakistani artists by claiming that art is above national interests and  enjoy their foreign trips sponsored by the sympathisers of terrorists. They do not hesitate to talk about the violation of human rights violation in foreign countries like the USA.

They receive awards, enjoy the benefits, and return them when any other party gets into power. Perhaps, they know that these awards were bestowed on them without any real worth for the same.
They declare the elected governments as intolerant and issue certificates of tolerance   to those who enforce emergency in the country. They remain alert to catch hold of chances to malign the armed forces, institutions of democracy, culture and faith of the majority community etc.

These pseudo-liberals have no words for Kashmiri Pandits living a life of exile in their own country from last 28 years and for the army men facing a barrage of bullets on the border. 

They have no questions whatsoever, for those, who defy curfew and target armed forces. They never question stone pelters or their protagonists but raise a hue and cry if any stone pelter gets hit by a bullet. They can speak volumes on the wrong-doings of others but offer no solutions to the problems themselves. 

They sympathise with the minorities but never try to find out why minorities were used as a vote bank by secularists in the last seventy years of India’s independence and why they are still educationally and economically backwards when compared to other communities. 

They polarise things by giving them a lopsided version and thereby play into the hands of those who work on the principle of divide and rule.

These friends of extremists are an addition to the perennial sources on which terrorism thrives. Traditionally terrorism has been using religious scriptures, poverty, inequality and unemployment as the breeding centres. 

These days the sentences put forward by liberals act as shields to their activities. There is no doubt that there is exists a relation between poverty and terrorism but nowadays terrorism involves youth from educated and middle-class families also. 

These educated middle-class youngsters with easy access to social media fall prey to the seeds of doubt implanted by the liberals because of their flimsy arguments. 

This develops a sense of alienation in them. These so-called  liberals have one point agenda ie to criticise anything undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this melee, they neglect the national interests and fail to accept that the prime minister belongs to the whole nation. 

No doubt, it is their democratic right to criticise the Prime Minister but what irks people is when they let down the persons in uniform or denigrate the faith of millions in the democratic institutions. Perhaps they have been habitual to the various privileges over the years which they feel are getting harassed by a chaiwala from Gujarat.

The steps taken by Narendra Modi to combat terrorism have been appreciated by everyone in the country. The ante raised by his government against Pakistan - the epicentre of terrorism - in the international forums and the subsequent surgical strikes has raised the morale of the whole country. He exposed human rights violation in Balochistan from the ramparts of Red Fort and successfully countered the Pakistani propaganda about Kashmir. 

The ability of every ruler till date has been counted by the bold decisions made by them under difficult circumstances. People have given credit to the civilian governments for such decisions and if Narendra Modi too, gets a high ranking from people, why does it cause ripples in the minds of  the liberals? 

It would be prudent for such elements to speak in one voice in the interest of the country. Terming the surgical strike as fake may have won them a few supporters in Pakistan but it has also made them lose many in India. 

Narendra Modi garnered much support from the general public when he conveyed the those supporting terrorism too, shall not be spared.

It may be prudent for my pseudo-liberal friends to come out of the cocoon they live in and realise for themselves that much water has flown down the Ganges over the years. 

They reaped a good harvest from their flimsy ideas when the education and economic growth in the country was low. 

Today, India is not only an economic power but can also protect itself from any foreign military aggression. Its voice carries weight in international forums and does not require any certificates from the fringe elements that have no respect for its great culture or history.

The ability of every ruler till date has been counted by the bold decisions made by them under difficult circumstances. If Narendra Modi gets a high ranking from people, why does it cause ripples in the minds of  the liberals? 

While referring to Narendra Modi’s remark on Balochistan, Pakistan’s main opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto said that the words used by him were ‘highly provocative, irresponsible and inflammatory’.

In June 2016, Jammu <div style="display: inline !important;">and Kashmir CM, Mufti announced that her govt had earmarked sites for setting up colonies for the rehabilitation of Pandits. It was later clarified that these would be transit colonies.
<div style="display: inline !important;">
<div style="display: inline !important;">The UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) ‘has not directly observed any firing across the LoC related to the latest incident’, said Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric.
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<div style="display: inline !important;">PAKISTAN - A MAGNET FOR TERRORISTS?
<div style="display: inline !important;">
  • Pakistani ties to militant groups have proven disasterous time and again. Pakistan-based jihadi groups have caused widespread destruction not only in India and Afghanistan, but also in Pakistan Iran and China.
  • Even with its arsenal of nuclear weapons, to the Pakistani military, India still poses an existential threat. It views India as an aggressor that helped split Pakistan into two (Present day Pakistan and Bangladesh).
  • Hillary Clinton, in 2011 said, ‘you can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors’.
  • The terrorist strikes at Pathankot and the Dinanagar terror episode, both, were attributed to cross-border terrorists from Pakistan.
  • Pakistani envoy has been presented with proofs showing that the terrorists who attacked  the army base in Uri came from Pakistan.
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