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Teen maid jumps to death in Gurgaon

Teen maid jumps to death in Gurgaon
On Monday, a 19-year-old girl committed suicide by jumping from the ninth floor of an apartment in Sector-43 in Gurgaon. She was working as a domestic help.  

'Investigation is going on to find out the reason behind her suicide. No suicide note was recovered. We are questioning the family who had employed her', said Maheshwar Dayal, DCP (East), Gurgaon.

On Sunday, a 27-year-old married man had committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree in Sector-10 in Gurgaon. The deceased was identified as Sachin.

'Sachin was found dead. No suicide note was recovered from him. But the family alleged that he was depressed because his wife had left him sometime ago. Sachin got married in 2009, but after two months of his marriage, his wife had slapped a dowry harassment case on him for which he was being tried in the Etah court in Uttar Pradesh,' said a police officer.

Sachin's family alleged that the case was being tried for the past three years, and that it had made Sachin depressed. He was supposedly unable to concentrate on his work and left his job. On the day of his suicide, Sachin, who stayed at home mostly, left early in the morning.

In this month, this is the fifth suicide case in Gurgaon. On 7 May, a 27-year-old married woman committed suicide by jumping off from the sixth floor of her neighbouring apartment in Gurgaon. On 3 May, a 22-year-old married woman committed suicide by jumping off the M G Road Metro station. On 2 May, an associate with a private firm jumped from fourth floor of his apartment, Malibu Town, and committed suicide. In an other case on the same day, a girl in Sector-17 committed suicide by hanging herself.


24 April:

- A 18-year-old girl (Poonam) committed suicide in Registrar Office. She was very upset with an registrar official with whom she had made a deal for her house. She was a resident of Laxman Vihar.
- A 26-year-old girl (Prachi Sharma) committed suicide by hanging herself on a ceiling fan in a hotel in Gurgaon. She stayed in the hotel with her boy-friend.
- A 23-year-old student of Amity University, Dana Sangma, committed suicide. She was supposedly cheating in her examination.

25 April:
- A 35-year-old woman (Nisha) committed suicide in Palam Vihar of Gurgaon. She was an engineer and was supposedly undergoing stress.
- A 27-year-old man (Prakash Chaudhary) committed suicide in Samrat Hotel by hanging himself on a ceiling fan.

26 April:
- A 16-year-old girl committed suicide when she flunked her exams. She was a class 11th student.
- A maid (Manju Ara), who worked in PWO Housing Society, committed suicide. The reason of her suicide is yet to be identified.

27 April:
- A man, who was an accused of raping his girlfriend, committed suicide in District jail. He hung himself on the ceiling fan with the aid of a torn blanket.

30 April:
- An assistant director was found hanging on the ceiling fan. He was supposedly undergoing depression.
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