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Apple tries Twitter thread format viral on Internet

San Francisco: Apple has joined the latest viral Twitter trend that allows users to try out a light "choose-your-own adventure" style game.

The @AppleTV account is helping users find a movie to watch by having them click through a series of Twitter threads. The game presents people with multiple answers to a query introduced through a unique poster, Tech Rapida reported on Friday.

The first thread asked users a series of questions about international pop-star Beyonce and they had to click on the answers in an attempt to not get fired as Beyonce's new assistant.

At several points, the solutions showed completely different paths. The thread has gathered over 97,300 retweets and millions of likes so far.

The concept for the thread was introduced by a Los Angeles-based 19-year-old scholar Landon Rivera, the report said.

The engagement-boosting Twitter trend was also observed by celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Questlove. After the Beyonce game became a viral hit, the creator posted new threads about being rapper Cardi B's bodyguard and getting away with murder.

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