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Team a nice crisp shirt with a skirt

I am throwing a party with flower power theme. How do I dress up my place to make it look the part?

Parties with interesting themes are very in these days. Since you have chosen a theme that goes well with the summers, try keeping the décor to the minimum.

Remember not to convert your living room or the inhouse party area into a garden with excessive use of florals. Your cushions can be in prints while the throw, curtains can be of a solid base.

My friend’s birthday party has a Indian royalty theme. I am not comfortable wearing Indian at all, how can I look the part and still stick to my comfort zone?

Well, Indian royalty theme would mean using some regal colours, may be the buti embroidery or motif from Indian traditions or the jaal embroidery from Islamic architecture. While Indian royalties have used a lot of drapes in their times, you can very well stick to drape dresses, loner in length.

Choose from the prints I suggested, and stick to some rich colours like emerald or maroons. You can also try teaming a bejewelled bolero with a simple drape dress.

Till few months ago I used to dress androgenously. Now I have grown more to the feminine style. Is there a way to incorporate my androgeny separates in feminine?

Transformations do happen, and people evolve as time passes. While both are very strong styles yet unity in diversity should be your mantra. Try teaming a nice crisp shirt with a skirt and wedges, completed with a printed girly bag. Or that same shirt can be worn loose with a pair of printed palazzos and accessorised with some nice statement neckpieces.

A bit of creative thinking, and some mix and match will take you a long way.

I recently bought a sheer textured shirt from an exhibition. While I bought it out of love, but very confused about how to style it. Please help.

Sheer has been in trend for quite some time now, and so is layering. And for such sheer outers layering is the best option. If its in some lighter shades, try teaming it with a neon, so that the colour contrast have a soothing effect for the eyes, and you can also team it with some interesting striped inners. And if you are planning a vacation to some seaside, this can even create peek-a-boo with your interesting lingerie.

I love to wear sari and prefer wearing it for various occasions. What disturbs me is the fat that has accumulated in my waist area. Is there a way to manipulate that problem?

Sari is arguably the most elegant as well as a sexy dress around. Well, for your body type, choose from an array of soft fabrics like Chanderi, Chiffon or Crepe. Steer clear of starched cotton fabrics as they will add to your bulk.

Heavy saris like Benarasi can also be the right option for dressy evenings. Work with contrasts for max effect.

And also remember the right attitude to carry a dress can fix many a problem in no time.

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