Teacher suspended after beating student with cricket bat

North Point Senior Secondary School at Rajarhat near Kolkata has suspended a teacher for beating up a class VI student with a cricket bat.

But the move came only after the parents of Shahin Mondal (11) lodged a complaint at Rajarhat police station on Friday, that is, four days since the incident took place on the night of November 30.
Shahin has been staying in the hostel of the Notrth Point Senior Secondary School, which happens to be a residential institute.

The class VI student said his physics teacher Debojyoti, who also happens to be the warden of the hostel, had asked him some study questions that he failed to answer correctly. The teacher got angry over this and he picked up an unused cricket bat that was lying in a corner of the hostel and beat Shahin on the head with it.

“I fell down on the floor and yet he kept on hitting me. Blood soon began oozing out from my head,” Shahin said on Friday. Following this, the teacher and some staff of the hostel took him to a private nursing home, where doctors gave five stitches on his head injury. To hide the real fact, they told the doctors that Shahin fell down from the school bus.

Shahin’s parents came to know about the matter from the parents of another child who stays at the same hostel. Shahin’s parents immediately rushed to the hostel and took him home on December 2. They lodged the complaint at Rajarhat police station on Friday.


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