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Teacher humiliates student over lack of fluency in English

A professor at the Presidency University (PU) has allegedly insulted a student in the class over the latter’s poor knowledge of English. The student, who felt insulted among his peers, lodged a complaint against the professor with the Registrar of the university.

The aggrieved student also told the Registrar in the complaint that knowledge of his mother tongue was enough to get decent marks in the concerned subject.

According to a university source, the youth, who lodged a complaint against his professor to Registrar Debajyoti Konar, was a student of the Sociology department. On Thursday, the first year student was sitting idle in a Political Science class, while listening to the professor who was giving a lecture.

The teacher was giving the lecture in English, but the student could not apparently understand the topic due to his poor knowledge of the language. He stated he could not answer the questions that the professor was asking him.

Due to his apparent inactiveness, the teacher became angry. The student defended himself by saying that his inability to grasp English easily was creating a problem for him. He was then reportedly insulted by the professor in front of his peers, which the student found offensive. He alleged that the teacher also made some racial comments about him.

The student discussed the matter with some of his friends and eventually decided to lodge complaint with the Registrar. He went to the Registrar’s room and narrated the entire incident to him and later filed a written compliant.
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