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Te3n: A Maze of Suspense

The director, though had tried to bolster the movie by a strong cast, has failed to achieve the desired effect as it lacks a strong plot. While the first half of the movie evokes and builds suspense, the second half becomes dragging, which leaves the audience unneccesarily confused.

When John’s (Amitabh Bachchan) granddaughter, Angela gets kidnapped, the efforts of police go in vain as the case remains unsolved. Uncertain of the police’s actions, John embarks on his own journey to find the kidnapper. While John’s indeterminate search for his kidnapped granddaughter continues, a  similar incident of kidnapping surfaces eight years later. 

This kidnapping acts as a trigger for the police to get pshyched up and they tend to establish links between the two kidnappings. Sarita (Vidya Balan) alongwith Martin( Nawazuddin Siddiqui), who had become a priest failing to nab the culprit of the earlier  kidnapping, try to solve the case. 

How John gets justice long-awaited and how Martin overcomes his ‘sleepless nights’ is worth watching. The movie is well-knit to evoke suspense by constantly linking the present and the past kidnap keeping the audience glued . However, the climax of the movie is unusual. The movie could have been cut short easily by half an hour.

 Also, the very reason for kidnapping wasn’t well thought of too. Amitabh plays the perfect grandfather who inspite of all odds lingers on the hope of getting the culprit exposed. Also, through the song ‘Haq Hai’, Bachchan tries to pour the much-needed agony in the movie.

 Nawaz as a wity policemen cum priest manages to do justice to both the roles. Vidya Balan plays the perfect supporting role and she has undoubtedly succeeded in potraying a straight and fearless policeofficer.
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