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Tarantulas cause panic in West Midnapore

 MPOST BUREAU |  2016-06-26 21:55:16.0  |  Kolkata

Tarantulas cause panic in West Midnapore

Tarantula spiders had been detected in Debra and Belda in West Midnapore and Missiondanga near Bishnupur in Bankura districts in May.

The scientists associated with the Immunobiology and Regenerative Medicine Research Laboratory of the department of Zoology of Calcutta University are carrying out an extensive research to identify the Tarantula spiders that were traced in May.

Professor Ena Ray Banerjee, head of the research team said there was nothing to panic. The spiders which are hairy are not poisonous.

If it comes in contact with human body it can cause Urticaria, a kind of allergic reaction. These spiders are found in the areas surrounding Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats mountains.

The scientists are trying to find out what had prompted the spiders to change their habitat and come near Bengal- Odisha border.

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