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Tantuja partners weavers’ society to revive Baluchari

Trailing the lost glory, some enthusiastic Kolkatan took the project to revive Baluchari – the pure mulberry silk yarn without the use of zari. Baluchari ‘Buti’ saaris are acclaimed for the soft lustrous texture, glowing colours and distinctive motifs. 

The government of West Bengal has also joined hand with the endeavour. Tantuja, under West Bengal State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society has joined hand with Weavers Studio Resource Centre (WSRC), a city based Textile Company to undertake slew of activities to restore the Baluchari’s magnificent history.

Today, Baluchari stands for the designs, rather than weaving techniques. Once, it was famous for its ‘Buti’. The programme, ‘Baluchari: Bengal and Beyond’ was taken where the old varieties of the saris will be made in consultation with the weavers. 

“We have studied a lot and taken pictures of that form of art across the country. The weavers will create the lost art again. I am sure that the buyers would easily distinguish the essence of real Baluchari and Baluchari like saris in the market. We want to bring back the glory of Bengal’s Baluchari with the help of the state government. Without the government’s help, it is not possible to make a project on a scalable size. 12 looms will be operational in the first year and within two years, approximately 1,000 people will get jobs,” said Darshan Shah, director of WSRC.

Rabindranath Roy, the managing director of Tantuja is hopeful about the project. “This is the project which could find the lost glory back. The government of West Bengal got Geographical Indication (GI) of Baluchari sari in 2012. The geographical indication registration number 173 and the registered proprietor is director of handloom, West Bengal,” Roy said.

He also said, there will be a showcasing of sari and inception of the programme, ‘Baluchari: Bengal and Beyond’ will start on November 18 and continue till December 4. A seminar will also take place on Baluchari in November 19.
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