Taltala case: 65-year-old may have been killed, say police

The 65-year-old woman, who used to stay all alone in her Taltala residence, was suspected to have been killed as she had refused to disclose facts about certain antique pieces which she had inherited.

The victim, Alo Majumder was strangulated to death and her body was found in her room on the ground floor of the two-storey building on February 5. 

Investigating officers found household goods strewn all over the floor where the body was found and it had suggested that the miscreants had tried to search something in the room. 

“I don’t want to means jewellery by saying valuables. It seems that valuables to miscreants in this case were something more than jewellery. They had not taken away the gold chain and bangles of Majumder. They seem to have been searching some antique thing. We came to know after speaking to some people that the victim had inherited some antique pieces and it seems that the miscreants were in search of the same,” said a police officer, adding that they have to be more sure after verifying the facts about the antique pieces and the investigating officers will speak to some more people in this regard.    

The police have also questioned the victim’s brother and her family members those stay on the first floor of the building. Police also spoke to the victim’s son, who was in Jharkhand when the incident took place. 

The police are, however, quite sure that someone hired a killer to murder the woman and someone close to her or her family is involved in the case as the person was well aware about all sorts of property of the victim. 

“The investigation is on to ascertain whether there was more than one person who committed the crime,” the officer said, adding that a list containing names of those used to frequent the house have been prepared and they will also be questioned.     

At the same time the police are also trying to ascertain whether any antique things that may be mohurs (antique gold coin) have already been stolen from the victim’s room. 

After speaking to other aged people of her family, the police have also spoken to some experts those deal with antique materials to become sure that the victim possessed such antique things. 
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