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Talks between govt and 298 schools fail; students, parents left in lurch

The differences between the Delhi government and Delhi State Public Schools Management Association over nursery admission guidelines for 298 schools on DDA land is only adding to the worry of helpless parents of kids eligible for admissions. 

Earlier, the meeting between members of the Delhi State Public Schools Management Association and Director of Education, Delhi government, remained inconclusive. 

According to sources, the file for nursery admissions in the 298 schools will be reviewed by the LG’s Office on Friday. Atishi Marlena, who is the advisor to the Delhi government on affairs of education, stated that even though the Delhi government has provided their suggestions, it is ultimately the Office of Lieutenant Governor which will take the final decision.

Marlena added that 75 percent of the admissions to 298 schools should be based on close distance criteria. 

She also rejected the claims of the state interfering in the autonomy of the private schools. “I have my own relatives who study in Sardar Patel Vidyalaya. They commute from Noida. Is it not unfair to them,” said Marlena.

“The government does not interfere with the functioning of private schools but under the garb of autonomy, the private schools should not be unfair in carrying out the due processes,”  added Marlena. 

The president of Delhi State Public Schools Management Association, R C Jain squarely blamed the Delhi government’s approach in not following the proper precedent of the meeting.

Jain cited that while the Delhi government wants to focus on the criteria of shorter distance, their association wants to focus on the 100 point formula given by former CBSE chairman Ashok Ganguly.

Claiming that this proposal was also accepted by the Delhi High Court, Jain explained that under this proposal, besides the distance, admission criteria will also be determined upon factors like whether the parent is an alumni of the school, whether it’s the girl child who is being admitted and whether the sibling of the child studies in the same school. 
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