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Talk about Tagore

Talk about Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore needs no introduction. He was a great visionary and polymath. He is idolised world over till date. Indian Habitat Centre on Saturday organised a workshop for children to familiarise them with his work.

Eight-year-olds took part in various activities to get acquainted with the Bard. At the onset, students of Cambridge Public School, New Friends Colony, recited Tagore’s verses. Dressed up in traditional Bengali attire, the group discussed Tagore’s contributions to the arts and literature.

‘He was a legend unto himself and also wrote the national anthem of our country,’ a student pointed out.

Another kid narrated how as a student Tagore was unmindful of lessons taught in school. ‘Tagore often dozed off during classes in school for which he was punished,’ he said.

‘Author of Gitanjali and its profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, he became the first non-European to win the Noble Prize in Literature in 1913,’ said Tanya, another student participating in the workshop.

‘Shantiniketan, his school, was created as an apostle for the immense love he had for children. He was a firm believer in the fact that man acquires his most profound ideas during his childhood days,’ said young Gaurav.

Tagore’s collection of poetry has been translated into many languages and remains till date hot favourite among poetry lovers.

One of his titles, Bir Purush [the brave man] was also enacted as a skit by the students. As the young actors played out a scene from one of his works, there was huge cheering.

The workshop came to an end with kids walking out with happy smiles.
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