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Tale of white tiger and a migrant from Bihar

The zoological gardens in New Delhi is barely a mile away from the apex court; so while the judges of the court were deliberating upon the state of affairs of the nation, the most dreadful carnivore of the animal kingdom in close proximity was brutalizing a man to his demise. The much embarrassing incident has focused the searchlight on the sad conditions of the zoological authorities of the country and the moral conscience of the media.

The migrant labour from Bihar was a high school dropout working with a factory in central Delhi. The victim was suffering with some metal ailment and was also undergoing treatment for the same. The parents were uninformed of his visit to the zoo.

Certain facts as to how did he manage to fall inside the enclosure are yet to be ascertained by the appropriate authorities. Reportedly there was an interface of 10 to 15 minutes between the man and the animal before he was attacked. Ten minutes is a substantial amount of time to react in such instances. As a fellow citizen, I sincerely request the concerned officer to provide me with relevant answers to the following questions-

 Was there no plan of action available with the authorities to act in such exigency?
 Were there no arrangements of a tranquilizer shot or a rubber bullet to deter the white tiger?
 Is there no mechanism of having a specialist wildlife professional to deal with circumstances like these?

The man inside the enclosure could have been any one of us. He was a son, brother and friend to his folks like many of us are. Arousing sensationalism and repeated telecast of the video is deplorable.

The widespread circulation of the clipping in social media raises serious dispositions. I am most amazed by the response of czars and czarinas of Indian media who can create a flutter on the issue of display of cleavage of a celebrity and are maintaining a studied silence on this brutal assault. God forbid, had some influential personality fallen in the tiger enclosure on that fateful day, would the response have been similar? The answer to this will be a vehement NO. The discourse builders and the opinion makers should rise from the slump and realize the value of life of individuals.

Now that a precious life has been lost and the old mother of the victim is in grief, we can only offer a prayer and provide some solace. I am assured of one fact at least; that the unfortunate gruesome incident must have stirred the conscience of many. Lets collectively request the authorities to compensate the victim’s family and question the zoo officials on there negligence if found any.

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