Take precautions to combat disease, docs urge people

Doctors in the city have cautioned people and asked them to take precaution to combat the spell of erratic weather. 

On January 25, the city experienced coldest day with mercury touching 11.3 degrees Celsius. While on January 31, it touched 20.5 degrees Celsius. 

Officials of the Alipore Meteorological Office said a high temperature zone has come up in central India and coastal Odisha affecting the winter. The temperature will again dip but it will not be much colder. MeT officials said the temperature was 20.5 degrees Celsius on Monday. 

AG Ghosal, director of National Allergy Asthma Bronchitis Institute (NAABI), said children and aged people were vulnerable to the temperature fluctuation. Those suffering from respiratory distress are even more vulnerable. Special care is required for children particularly in the early morning and night. The doctors had advised not to switch on fans and the aged people should wear light woolens in the morning.

Doctors said viral fever was mostly reported whenever the temperature fluctuates. 

The fever is often accompanied by stomach upset and throat soars. The doctors have advised not to take antibiotics and consult a medical practitioner before taking any medicine.

Dr Apurba Ghosh, director of Institute of Child Health, said the fluctuation of temperature often affect the newborns. They should not be exposed to fans and doctors should be consulted if they have temperature or suffer from stomach ache.   

The doctors urged people to follow their advice which may help them to fight ailments.  
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