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Syria to supply ‘game-changing arms’: Hezbollah

Syria is to supply Lebanon’s Hezbollah with ‘game-changing weapons’ despite Israel’s air strikes reportedly aimed at cutting off the flow of arms, the Shiite group’s leader said on Friday.

‘You Israelis say your objective is to stop the capability of the resistance (against Israel) from growing... but Syria will provide (Hezbollah) with game-changing weapons it has not had before,’ Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech.

Nasrallah spoke days after Israel reportedly carried out two air strikes near Damascus last week. Syria’s response, he said, ‘is highly strategic’, and also involves ‘opening to resistance fighters the front in the Golan’, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967.

‘If you (Israel) see Syria as a corridor of arms to (Hezbollah), Syria will provide the resistance with those arms. This is a highly strategic decision,’ said Nasrallah.

Such a response ‘is more strategic than launching a rocket or carrying out an air raid’ on Israel, he added. Iran funnels arms through Syria to the Shiite movement Hezbollah. The movement fought a bitter war against Israel in 2006, and is enemy with the Jewish state.
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