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Sweets made in many Ggn shops found unhygienic

Sweets made in many Ggn shops found unhygienic
It was found that 80 per cent of the sweet shops had adulterated sweets supplied by sweet mafia’s of Delhi and Haryana. On getting in touch with a dozen of such sweet shop owners in the local districts of the Millennium City ,the kitchen and warehouses were found to be in extremely stingy and unhygienic surroundings. 

One such contractor’s kitchen was found in unbelievable sanitary conditions. The kitchen had Rasgullas in huge blue drums kept uncovered for several days. The shop, Rehmat Mithaiyan’s kitchen had hardly any light to see if any insects were feeding on the sweets or not. A lot of people from the nearby residential areas have complained about worms and lizards in the packets that they bought from the sweet shop.

The owner of the sweet shop accepted the process of adulteration in order to produce large quantities in extremely low prices. The contractors were also found using sewage water to make the doughs for sweets. To make 1kg of milkcake, a cook needs milk worth Rs 40, 400 grams of crumbled meva (Khoya) worth Rs 100, ghee worth Rs 80 and some dry fruits and the rest of the cost includes usage of gas, electricity, oil etc. A kilogram of milkcake that would cost Rs 300-350/kg with proper ingredients was being sold at as less as Rs 140/kg. 

“To save money and produce large quantities of sweets, we mix refined oil with ghee to get the effects of greasing on the outside. We don’t believe in making sweets with pure ghee so we use alternatives like refined oil mixed with vanaspati to cut the making cost,” said Lallu Singh, a distributor of sweets. It was also found that these sweet shop contractors can make 100 litres of milk from 1kg of milk powder. 

On asking about the health hazards of such adulterated sweets, Om Prakash, an owner of a sweet shop said: “Such sweets can cause heart issues, diabetes, sugar and various respiratory and heart diseases.” 
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