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Swamy’s charges factually incorrect, hypothetical: DLF

The DLF on Tuesday claimed that the story based on BJP leader Subramanian Swamy’s letter to President of India against DLF is purely based on some wild accusations and charges, which are factually incorrect, hypothetical and hold no ground.

A clarification letter from DLF reads, ‘Amit Mehta is not and has never been an employee of the DLF Group. Mehta only served as a nominee director on behalf of Skylight Group on the board of Saket Hotel Joint Venture Companies. Disclosures regarding this relationship have been made in all records.’

It further reads, ‘We wish to categorically state that DLF Group has no knowledge, let alone association, of any kind with the five companies mentioned in your story, including the role of Mehta in those companies. We, therefore, strongly refute the allegations contained in your story, which seek to connect these companies to the DLF Group.’

‘DLF has also promptly written to the Registrar of Companies (RoC) to request them to rectify their records, which may have inadvertently attached a generic DLF email ID erroneously with the name of Amit Mehta.  Just for your kind information, as per unique DIN in form DIN-I of Mehta, the correct Email id of Mehta is Trust that we have clarified the issue completely,’ DLF letter reads.

While countering Robert Vadra’s (son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi) political influence to secure land close to the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the DLF clarified that, ‘The news item further alleges that Vadra used his political influence to get a 23-acre property near Rashtrapati Bhavan allotted to DLF for Rs.65 crore. This is misconceived; a figment of imagination and nothing can be farther from the truth.’

It says, ‘The above land has been in the private ownership of M/s. Keventers for more than three quarters of a century and therefore the question of any allotment of this land by any government agencies just does not arise. The land use was first notified for residential purposes way back in 1962, through the promulgation of Master Plan of Delhi and since then the land continues to remain as a residential land in all subsequent Master Plans. M/s. Keventers became a part of DLF Group in the year 2004 and various permissions for change of land use had already been obtained well before that.’

Rubbishing undue favour from anyone to secure the land, the letter reads, ‘Further permissions and approvals were obtained through several High Court Orders and not by receiving any undue favours from anybody. The alleged amount of Rs.65 crore mentioned in the story is only a small portion of the fees and charges which the company has paid to the Government in strict accordance with the rates and charges notified for such purposes. This issue has also been raised in the public domain and in the media earlier and has been sufficiently clarified as such.’

It went on saying that DLF follows the highest standards of corporate governance and has always acted strictly in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

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