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Swami Mumukshananda passes away

Swami Mumukshananda, a trustee of Ramakrishna Mission and a Governing Body member of Ramakrishna Math died at Belur Math on Monday evening.

He was 90 and was suffering from cancer for quite some time.

Popularly known as Ranjan Maharaj, Mumukshanandaji was a scholar par excellence. A voracious reader, he had published innumerable articles which had come out in Udbodhan, the monthly Bengali organ of the Order.

Initiated by Swami Virajanandaji, a disciple of Swami Vivekannada and the 6th President of the Order, Mukukshanandaji was influenced by Swami Premeshnandaji. A former student of Pathuriaghata Boy’s Home he came in contact with Swami Lokeswaranandaji and was one of his lieutenants. 

He was the principal of Narendrapur Residential College and later became its secretary. He was the principal of Bramhacharin Training Centre in Belur Math. He was the head of the Ramakrishna Mission Mumbai. He was the president of Advaita Ashrama and Mayer Bari.

He will be remembered by his brother monks and innumerable students for his humility, simplicity and finest intellect. He was dedicated to the Ramakrishna Movement. Despite his ill health, he never gave up his habit of reading books. 

His command over English, Bengali and Sanskrit was remarkable and he was always precise and to the point. He was cremated at Belur Math on Tuesday afternoon. With his death, Ramakrishna Movement lost one of its faithful soldiers.
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