Suspicious bag triggers bomb scare at Netaji metro station

Suspicious bag triggers bomb scare at Netaji metro station
A bomb scare gripped Netaji Metro station area at Kudghat on Thursday when some people found a briefcase and a bag lying on the rare seat of a car which was parked at the Metro station, police said. 

The vehicle’s owner has been identified as Ashim Ghosh, who was earlier a resident of Kudghat. Ghosh left the city around 20 years ago and he is now settled Andhra Pradesh.      

On Thursday, he returned to the city to meet some of his friends. Ghosh took his own car which he left outside the Metro station at 9.30 pm as he went to meet some of his friends. 

Sources said the panic broke out after some traders in the area found a bag and a briefcase lying on the rear seat of the car and they immediately informed the matter to police. 

After getting information, a police team rushed to the spot and cordoned off the area. Some houses and shops in the vicinity were also evacuated. 

Later a huge contingent of police also reached the spot. Officers from Bomb Disposal Squad broke open a window pane and brought the bag and briefcase out of the car bearing a registration number of Andhra Pradesh. 

After opening them, the officials found some clothes and papers. When Ghosh returned in a hand-pulled rickshaw, he was surprised to find hundreds of people standing around his car and the police were pushing them back.

The owner later said that he left the car there as the shops were close in morning and he had never imagined that it would lead to such an incident. He also said that he returned to the city after several years. Thus he had no idea where to park his vehicle. 

He went to the police station after being told that a bomb scare broke out as he had parked his car near the Metro station.
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