Supporters brave sweltering heat to attend Mamata’s rally

Supporters brave sweltering  heat to attend Mamata’s rally
She was addressing a political rally on Thursday afternoon. Though heat wave alert has been issued in Burdwan along with Birbhum, Bankura and Purulia, there was heavy turnout in the meeting. 

The presence of youth and women was very impressive.

Mamata Banerjee said CPI(M) had unleashed a reign of terror in West Bengal. Burdwan district was the epicentre of power and the party had tortured thousands of workers belonging to the Opposition parties. The people have not forgotten those days of red terror. 

Local CPI(M) leaders took law and order in their hand and did whatever they liked.

She wondered how could Congress whose 55,000 workers got killed by the CPI(M) decide to form an alliance with the CPI(M). 

“It is an alliance that will ruin Bengal if voted to power. Again, the old red terror will come back and there will be militant trade unionism to close factories,” she said.

She said four groups had been united as they did not want Bengal to flourish. 

They are CPI(M), BJP, Congress and a renowned media house. 

Referring to the owner of the aforementioned media house, she said: “The owner had asked me not to launch movement against acquisition of farm lands to set up industries. 

They wanted me to remove the upper tier of land ceiling and wanted that any businessman coming to do business in Bengal would be routed through them. They have spread canard against us.”

She said the people of Bengal would not support the unethical alliance. 

She said CPI(M) should explain what prompted them to close so many factories in Burdwan. “The leaders are living in AC flats while the employees of the closed units are languishing.” Banerjee said development had taken place in Burdwan. 

The state has got the first position in producing rice in the country. Kishan mandis have been selected and rural roads have been improved.  On top of it, the living condition of the common people has gone up. The children are going to school and there is peace in the villages.

“There will be vote on development issue this year and people will defeat those who are against development. If voted back to power the development of Bengal will take a back seat. So select the leader who will work for the area and vote for him,” she maintained.
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