Millennium Post

Tou Hu Satey


Coconut Milk Powder 100 gm

Sugar 120 gm

Peanut Butter 330 gm

Salt 50 gm

Tofu 400 gm

Spring Onion 100 gm

Peanuts 120 gm

Coriander 50 gm

Water 120 ml

Salt 20 gm

Pepper 15 gm


Cut the tofu in cubes and sprinkle salt and pepper. Heat the pan and put tofu on it. Once the tofu is cooked, add peanut butter and water. Glaze it properly with peanut. Garnish with spring onion and coriander.

(Courtesy: Chef Kluaywan Junsawat, Sheraton, New Delhi)

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