Sabudane ki Tikki


Sabudana 25 gm

Boiled Potato 80 gm

Coriander (chopped) 10 gm

Green Chilli (chopped) 5 gm

Sendha Namak to taste

Roasted Cumin 5 gm

Ginger (chopped) 5 gm

Black Pepper (crushed) 4 gm


Take a bowl and mash boiled potato with all ingredients (roasted cumin powder, sendha namak, chop green chilly, chop ginger, chop coriander and crushed pepper). Make a flat tikki and coat it with sabudana and pan sear it with desi ghee on both the sides until it turns golden brown. Serve hot with dips or chutney.

(Courtesy: Chef Ved Prakash, Chef De Cuisine, Daniell's Tavern, The Imperial)

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