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Sable Breton
Egg yolk 112.5 gm
Sugar 185 gm
Flour 312.5gms
Baking powder 10gm
Salt 1gm
Butter 225gm
Whip egg yolk and sugar ,Add in soft butter bit by bit, Lastly, fold in all dry ingredients

Choux Pastry
Boil milk, water, butter, sugar and salt. Add in flour when boiling and stir the mixture for around 3 minutes. Pour the mixture into the mixer and mix until cool down a bit and start to add in the eggs slowly. Pipe on the tray and bake at 170°C.

Brown sugar150gm
Flour180 gm
Vanilla essence QS
Cream butter and brown sugar until light. Add in vanilla essence and flour. Chill nicely in the freezer and cut into desired shape and put on the choux pastry before baking.

Raspberry Rose Whipped Ganache
White chocolate callebaut W2NV 28% 200gm
Whipping cream 25gm
Ravifruit Raspberry
puree 75gm
Honey 6gm
Whipping cream,cold 300gm
Rose water 7gm
Boil the cream, raspberry puree. Add honey, and pour over white chocolate. Emulsify the mixture add in the cold cream, rose water, emulsify and keep in chiller over night before using whip

Raspberry Cream
Raspberry puree 250gm
Sugar 80gm
Egg yolks 75gm
Custard powder 20gm
Vanilla bean 0.5nos
White chocolate callebaute W2NV 28% 50gms
Gelatin 8gms
Lemon juice 30gms
Anchor extra whip
whipping cream 100gms
Make a pastry cream with raspberry puree, sugar, yolks, custard powder, vanilla bean and lemon juice. Stir in the bloomed gelatin and pour over the white chocolate Cool down to 35'C and fold in whipped cream.
(Courtesy: Academy of Pastry Arts)

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