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Pandoro Bread


Water (warm) 60 ml

Yeast 30 gm

Sugar 5 gm

Egg Yolk 20 gm

Flour 28 gm

For Dough

Flour 680 gm

Egg Yolk 140 gm

Butter 30 gm

Water 60 ml

Egg 2

Lemon Zest 1

Vanilla Bean 1


Make the starter with water, yeast, sugar, flour and egg yolk and refrigerate for two hours. Mix egg yolk, egg, yellow colour and water together. Mix softened butter, lemon zest, and vanilla bean in the above mix. Finally fold in flour and knead for few minutes. Add starter in the above mix. Knead the mix to make a dough. Prove the dough to attain required volume. Knock back and put the dough in the Pandoro mould. Continue till it comes to ¾ of the mould. Bake it at 170o C for 20 minutes. Serve it with Pomegranate salad and Crème Fraiche.

(Courtesy: Chef Vivek Chauhan, Pastry Chef, The Imperial, New Delhi)

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