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MEE Goreng

MEE Goreng


Yellow Noodle 100 g

Prawn (medium-sized) 15

Garlic 5 g

Oil 5 ml

Spring Onion 20 g

Bean Sprouts 20 g

Tomato 20 g

Light Soya Sauce 10 ml

Red Chilli 2-3 g

Sugar 2 g


Boil the yellow noodles in hot water. After a while take them out and check if done. Wash under running water and strain. Then, cut the prawns into small pieces, blanch them and keep them aside. Next, heat oil in a wok, add garlic and stir for a while. Add the noodles, prawns and sauces and then all the vegetables and stir. Serve hot.

(Courtesy: Chef Veena, The Spice Route, The Imperial, New Delhi)

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