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Sole (slice) 1000 gm

Onion 200 gm

Tomato 100 gm

Dhania Powder 50 gm

Jeera Powder 50 gm

Garlic 30 gm

Ginger 30 gm

Khoya 100 gm

Cheese 20 gm

Cashew Nut 20 gm

Raisin 20 gm

Garam Masala 30 gm

Cooking Oil 80 ml

Green Coriander 30 gm

Royal Cumin 30 gm

Salt to taste


Clean fish fillet. Pat it dry. Flat it with a knife. Prepare stuffing with cashew nut, raisin, green coriander and khoya. Place fish on the table. Put stuffing and make a nice roll. Bake it in salamander. Take all in a pan. Add royal cumin, onion and tomato paste and cook it properly. Place fish roll in a serving plate. Add fine gravy on it. Garnish with fresh coriander.

(Courtesy: Chef Ved Prakash, Daniell's Tavern, The Imperial, New Delhi)

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