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White sticky rice 30 gm

Coconut milk 60ml

Sugar 05 gm

Salt 01 gm

Sesame seeds 02 gm

Ripe mango 01whole


Wash sticky rice and soak it for eight hours. Put it in muslin cloth and steam it. Put coconut milk in a pot, add sugar and salt. Keep on stirring it on slow flame till it becomes a little thick. When sticky rice is done, pack it with coconut milk, leaving one tablespoon of coconut milk aside for garnishing.Peel the mango and dice it. Put sticky rice in a small mould. De-mould it onto a plate. Garnish with one tablespoon of coconut milk and sesame seeds. Serve it with dices of mango.

(Courtesy: Chef De Cuisine, Veena Arora, The Spice Route, The Imperial)

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