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Hot Cross Bun


Butter 80 gm

Eggs 2

Sugar 48 gm

Salt 8 gm

Yeast 16gm

Milk 80 ml

Water 40 ml

Rum 20 ml

Flour 480 gm

Clove Powder 4 gm

Spice Mix 4 gm

(Cinnamon, Ginger, Mace & Cardamom)

Raisin 40 gm

For Julipan

Milk 40 ml

Breakfast Sugar 40 gm

Flour 40 gm


Mix flour and spices together. Mix the rest of ingredients together except raisins and salt. Fold flour mix in above mix and then add salt. Finally add the Raisins and make a dough. Prove dough for 30 minutes. Roll buns on a lined tray and leave them to prove. Mix milk, breakfast sugar & flour together to make Julipan and fill in a piping bag. Pipe Julipan cross over the buns. Egg wash and sprinkle grain sugar over the buns. Bake for 20 minutes at 180oC.

(Courtesy: Chef Saurabh Singh Chandel, Executive Sous Chef, The Imperial New Delhi)

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