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Hara Bhara Kebab

Hara Bhara Kebab


Boiled Spinach Paste 600 gm

Oil 30 gm

Ghee Desi 20 gm

Dal Chana 100 gm

Aniseed Cooking 5 gm

Cumin Seed 5 gm

Javitri Whole 5 gm

Salt 5 gm

Elaichi Powder 5 gm

Kasoori Methi 5 gm

Lemon Juice 5 ml

Ginger (chopped) 5 gm

For Stuffing

Green Chilli (chopped) 2 no

Khoya 20 gm

Coconut Powder 20 gm

Chop Coriander 10 gm

Bhuna Jeera Powder Base 2 gm


Indian Plate Lettuce Head 1 no

Lemon Wedges 1 no

Carrot Juilienne 20 gm

Garam Masala 2 gm

Beetroot Juilieene 20 gm

Chat Masala 5 gm


Cook the chana dal along with spices and make a paste of it; mix it well with spinach paste.

Make small six equal balls, flatten it with palm and stuff it with above stuffing mixture. Shallow fry it with ghee and sprinkle some chat masala on it. Serve hot with tomato and mint chutney.

Garnish with julienne of onion, carrot, beetroot, green chilli slit, chopped coriander and lemon juice.

(Courtesy: Chef Ajay Mathur, Jaypee Palace, Agra)

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