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Granola Bar

Granola Bar


Cashew Nut 750 g

Pistachio 900 g

Almond Flakes 750 g

Oats 500 g

Sesame Seed 250 g

Coconut Powder 250 g

Honey 1.5 kg

Butter 1.8 kg

Brown Sugar 750 g

Breakfast Sugar 750 g


Roast cashew nut, almond flakes, pistachio, sesame seeds, coconut powder individually and mix with oats after cooling.

Mix honey, butter, brown sugar, breakfast sugar properly until the batter becomes even. Cut and fold the nut mix with the prepared batter.

Fill the above mix in a tray lined with butter paper. Put the butter paper on the mix and roll it to create an even surface. Rest it for a day and cut it to desired shape.

*This makes a tray of 60 cm x 40 cm. You can reduce as per need.

(Courtesy: Chef Sandeep Kanojia, The Imperial, New Delhi)

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