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Dragon Chicken with Tien Tsin Peppers and Vegetables

Dragon Chicken with Tien Tsin   Peppers and Vegetables


Chicken Thigh (boneless cubes) 200 g

Tien Tsin Peppers (dry) 15 g

Garlic (chopped) 10 g

Ginger (chopped) 10 g

Egg 1

White Pepper (powder) 5 g

Light Soya Sauce 10 ml

Dark Soya Sauce 10 ml

Chinese Cooking Wine 30 ml

Breakfast Sugar 5 g

Chicken Broth powder 10 g

Oyster Sauce 10 ml

Salt To taste

Snow Peas 25 g

Broccoli 20 g

Sweet Peppers 20 g

Spring Onion 15 g

Thai Red Chilli 3 g

Chinese Chilli Pepper (fresh) 5 g

Corn Flour 50 g

Vegetable refined oil 25 ml


Marinate chicken with corn flour, salt, white pepper, egg, half the quantity of chicken broth powder. Keep it for 10 minutes and then deep fry in hot oil until it gets crispy. Blanch broccoli and snow peas separately and keep it aside. In a hot wok, heat refined oil, add ginger, garlic, Tien Tsin peppers, Thai red chilli, Chinese chilli pepper, sweet peppers, snow peas, and broccoli. Sauté it well.

Add oyster sauce, light and dark soya sauce, half left chicken broth powder. Add fried chicken cubes, salt, sugar and Chinese cooking wine. Toss it well.

Serve it in a traditional clay pot dish, garnish with chopped spring onion.

(Courtesy: Chef Sahil Arora, Shangri-La's – Eros Hotel, New Delhi)

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