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Cornitos Enchiladas


Cornitos Extra Cheesy Cheese & Herbs Nachos Crisps1 bag

Kidney Beans (boiled)100 g

Chopped Onion50 g

Crushed Ginger10 g

Chopped Green Chili10 g

Green Coriander 20 g

Diced Tomatoes50 g

Cornitos Sliced Jalapeno30g

Cornitos Cheese Jalapeno Dip100g

Basil (dried)10 g

Cornitos Chunky Salsa Hot330g


Prepare by mixing all ingredients and seasoning it well. Arrange Cornitos Cheese and Herbs Nachos Crisps on a platter by stuffing the mixture prepared between two crisps. Serve it with salsa and Enchiladas.

(Courtesy: Cornitos)

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