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Coconut Fish Cakes


Fresh coconut (grated) 1

Indian Salmon (fillet) 500 gm

Cilantro 2 tbsp

Garlic 2 cloves

Ginger 20 gm

Lime Juice 10 ml

Pineapple (chopped) 50 gm

Red Onion 25 gm

Coconut Water (fresh) 1/2 cup

Sriracha Sauce 10 gm

Red Pepper 20 gm

Tomato 20 gm

Sea Salt 1 pinch

Coconut Oil 10 ml

Coriander (chopped) 10 gm


Marinate fillets with salt and lime juice for 15 minutes. Grill the fillets till well done in coconut oil. Cool and mince the fillets or flake with hands and mix chopped onion, coriander, sriracha sauce, grated fresh coconut, chopped ginger and chopped garlic. Shape them into gallettes, coat with fresh grated coconut and grill in coconut oil. Prepare the salsa by mixing chopped pineapple, tomatoes, cilantro, mint leaves, red pepper and coconut water and oil. Mix to prepare salsa. Serve the coconut fish cakes with the salsa.

(Courtesy: Gautam Mehrishi – Executive Chef, CREO, Vivanta New Delhi, Dwarka)

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