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Chicken Mince 100 gm
Corn Kernel 60 gm
Red Onion 60 gm
Celery 30 gm
Leeks 30 gm
Carrots 1
Fresh Coriander 2 gm
Capsicum 40 gm
Salt 2 gm
Black Crushed Pepper 2 gm
Olive Oil 30 gm
Chicken Stock powder 10 gm
Chopped Garlic 20 gm
Prepare to make a piping hot corn broth, with sautéing of onion, garlic, celery leeks, capsicum, and corn kernel. After cooking of the broth, make a fine blend of it and strain it well through a conical strainer, and keep aside! On other hand prewash chicken and pass through mincer machine to make nice mince. In a clean bowl put chicken mince and add vegetable brunoised with a seasoning of salt & pepper. Make even quenelles and steamed it at a temperature of 90*c in a stock pot.
In a saute pan put corn broth, add a bit stock and seasoning! In a serving Bowl, Pour the corn broth, arrange steamed chicken quenelles into the skewers and put on the side of the serving Bowl. Garnish with Fresh Coriander, Spring, and olive oil.Serve Hot. Garnish with fresh coriander, spring and olive oil.
(Courtesy: Lord of the Drinks Barrel House, Gurgaon)

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